A downloadable mod

For use with Nuclear Throne Together

Current Features:

  • Allows you to see your kill count or area without having to pause the game. 
    • You can toggle the kill display and area display with a bound key (that you can now select from).
    • You can toggle whether just the kills, just the area, or both are shown using a chat command.
  • Four HUD+ Styles
    • You can swap between the Compact, Small, Medium, and Large styles using a chat command.
  • Live Kill Counter
    • You can toggle this off or just the sound effects from it off using a chat command.
  • Opacity Settings
    • You can change the transparency of HUD+ aspects with a chat command.
  • A Preferences File
    • You can set what setting the mod loads in with automatically by editing the preferences file. More info in the readme that is included.

Planned Features:

  • More HUD+ styles?
  • More in-depth info?
    • DPS, Radcount, stuff like that
  • Update the video on this page

I'm open to suggestions and feedback in the comments as well as in the Nuclear Throne Discord server (you're more likely to hear back from me sooner there).

Please make sure to read the readme file included- it is relatively important.

Published Nov 18, 2017
CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-mod

Install instructions

This mod (HUD+) was coded by Hux52 and is for use with Nuclear Throne Together

1: Unpack the contents of the hudplus v2.zip file and put the "hudplus" folder into your NTT mods directory that should have been created upon installing NTT.
2: Open NTT and get to the character selection screen/campfire.
3: Type "/load hudplus" to load the mod.

If you are having trouble with installation still, check out this link.

Right after loading the mod, the game should spit some info at you, but I'm going to paste it here as well.

Toggle the display with the 'B' key.
Change HUD size/complexity with '/hud_size #' (0 = COMPACT; 1 = SMALL; 2 = MEDIUM; 3 = BIG)
Change Live Kill Count mode with '/hud_live #' (0 = OFF; 1 = ON; 2 = ON+SOUND)
Change Display Key bind with '/hud_key #' (0 = B; 1 = KEY6; 2 = ENTER)
Change Displays with '/hud_displays #' (0 = KILLS; 1 = KILLS+AREA; 2 = AREA)
Change the HUD alpha with '/hud_alpha #' (Where 0 is invisible and 100 is completely solid)
Instead of using numbers with the commands, you can use their associated variable displayed above. Not case sensitive.
Display these messages again with 'hud_help'

You should see a "preferences.txt" file and a "preferences-backup.txt" file in the hudplus directory.
You can change the settings in "peferences.txt" to determine the settings you'd like HUD+ to start with when loading.
More info on how to do this is inside the "preferences.txt" file.
Should the mod not load/function properly, replace the contents of "preferences.txt" with "preferences-backup.txt".

Additional Information/Troubleshooting:
If you are having issues/concerns with this mod or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on the itch.io page and I should get to it sometime.
You could also join the Nuclear Throne Discord channel (discord.gg/nt) and get a hold of me there. I'll probably respond quicker there. @Hux52 to ping me.


HUD+ v2 Hotfix (Latest Version) 7 kB
HUD+ v2 7 kB
HUD+ v1 6 kB

Development log

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