A downloadable mod

This (not very serious) mod replaces most normal mutations with counterparts.

To load the mod, use the command "/load reverse".

Known Limitations:
- Ultras are unchanged and are still in the mutation pool.
- ThroneButt, Strong Spirit, Heavy Heart, Hammerhead, and Patience do not have counterparts and are not in the mutation pool.
- No super-cool custom sprites

Known Issues and Bugs:
- With Bolt Narrow, bolts will sometimes not stray away from enemies and will sometimes stop moving completely before hitting a wall.

Published Nov 13, 2017
CategoryGame mod
Tagsbad-mutations, ntt, ntt-skill, reverse-mutations

Install instructions

To load the mod, use the command "/load reverse". Make sure to put the contents in your "mods" directory.


Reverse Mutations by Hux52.zip 35 kB


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There's a bug with Reverse Boiling Veins - all bosses that start as props never show up, i.e. Big Dog and The Throne. Super bummer to fight kicking and screaming through the whole game only to get stuck in the Throne Room with no final boss :(

Hey, thanks for reporting but sorry to hear that. I will take out boiling veins for now and think of a fix for it.

(1 edit)

No biggie - I beat it again the next day without it. Felt a little more legit, too! As you had it implemented, it was basically something you always wanted to take, since it only really helped the player (although I did spawn on top of an explosive and die instantly once).

Edit: You probably already thought of this, but why not just make it so that explosives can only damage the player when they are below 4 HP? I think there are some really interested trade-offs in that kind of a mutation, and it fits the theme of being 'Reversed' in my opinion.

That may be something I do, the 4 HP thing. My main concept I was going for when making this mod was, well, coding experience but also mutations that hindered the player rather than helped, so they had to change their playstyle and what mutations they picked in order to adapt to the mod. I will consider this, though, if I can code it. Thanks!

Hey Nice mate