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General Information

This is a mod for Nuclear Throne Together that adds a new playable character or race- Steven from Edmund McMillen's Time Fcuk.

About Steven

Steven's active ability is a short-ranged teleport with a small cooldown, though he can't teleport through walls. Throne Butt and Ultra B enhance this ability. Steven's passive is that he reads loading tips aloud as well as being granted a third Ultra mutation- the ability to complete reset his levels and mutations with some new weaponry to help him out.


v3_2 on 10/26/2017

*Fixed a typo in Ultra C description

Other Info

This mod has been tested on single player and should work properly as well as on multiplayer, though multiplayer may have a few bugs. Feel free to report bugs.

Based on Yokin's Fish Template

CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-race

Install instructions

How to Install/Load - Works with NTT v9900+


Steven Racemod by Hux52 v3_2.zip 384 kB


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Can't install it, it doesn't has any .gml file or anything