Update 2


+ Added a new boss- sprites courtesy of Ozymandias

+ Goes up to wave 10 and doesn't just continue forever (unless you want it to)
+ Added boss drops- rare upgrades that are game modifiers and what have you- includes bouncing bullets, shotgun, and homing shots so far
+ Added gradual turning to enemies to make them a little less accurate and so they do not snap-rotate towards the player
+ Added vsync toggle to pause menu
+ Added mouse support for menus
+ Added that vsync and fullscreen are linked to a text file and will keep your preferences when restarting the game
- Removed mouse animation until I find a way to make it line up with firing
~ Changed 4th wave enemy sprite
~ Enemy bullet sprites are bigger to increase visibility
~ Did some balancing with enemies (health, spawn rates) and the player (bullet speed, rate, and damage)
~ Added some tweaks to stat ups

Planned features

- Add options to change antialiasing and such- hopefully music and sound in the future

- Add more boss reward types

- Add music and face animation to the newest boss fight

- More balancing

- Bosses for Wave 10

- Fix explosion sounds not happening on Endless


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