Update 3


+ Added more vast- you have more room!
+ Added a new health system- drop chance is dependant on your health to maxhealth ratio. If you have full health and pick up a health drop, your max health is increased by one.
+ Added that antialiasing goes to highest setting available on your computer by default
+ Made sprites much smaller for optimization and for a larger room size
+ Added directional sound and sounds do not stack anymore!
~ Attempted to fix gamepad not working for some
~ Reduced enemy health scale and spawn rate on endless mode
~ Fixed enemies death code for endless
~ Tweaked some enemy health- should make it so you shouldn't get swarmed as much
~ Changed some timers and speeds on the boss fights to accomadate for the larger room
~ Changed using sprites to show upgrade text to actual drawing
~ Various other tweaks that I can't remember and should have wrote down
- Removed pacman thing where you can leave one side and come out the other- for now you just can't go anywhere but I'd like to change that in the future

Planned features

- Add options to change antialiasing and such- hopefully music and sound in the future
- Add more boss reward types
- Add sounds and face animation to the newest boss fight
- More balancing
- Bosses for wave 10
- 60 fps????


THE VAST v1_1_3a.zip 4 MB
Jun 16, 2017


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