Update 4


+ 60 FPS!!

+ Added some spawn caps to fix swarming issue- I want the game to be challenging but not impossible
+ Bullets now fire from the tip of the ship rather than the center
+ Arrow indicators for offscreen upgrades and pickups have been implemented
+ Added score text from enemies
~ Made game a little quieter by default until the volume option is added
~ Changed the mouse sprite appearance, made it larger, and fixed the effect on it
~ Attempted to balance player fire-rate and damage
~ Attempted to scale the directional audio a bit and make it so it is relevant to the center of the view, rather than the player
~ Attempted to make upgrades spawn in your view instead of anywhere
~ Fixed the yellow boss not spawning and in turn fixed the pink boss spawning in  yellow boss' spot
~ Health drops are rarer
~ Upgrades no longer spawn on boss rounds in order to prevent farming- however, bosses now drop a set amount of common upgrades
~ Waves are now shorter and in turn, upgrades now spawn a bit more frequently
~ Changed enemy health for the yellow boss to fit with player stat changes
~ Fixed player sprites for mouse, hopefully!!
~ Fixed menu music so it doesn't chop- you can still skip it!
~ Various minor balancing, tweaks, and fixes
~ Attempted to prevent pickups and upgrades from spawning offscreen- haven't seen it happen yet (which makes sense) but I want to prevent in the case that it does

Planned Features

- Add options to change antialiasing and such- hopefully music and sound in the future
- Add more boss reward types
- Adds sound and face animation to the newest boss fight
- More balancing
- Bosses for wave 10
- Fix controller support not working for some people
- Fix player sprites with controller being inverted at times
- Fix boss healthbars- the depth is messed up and they also flicker
- Possibly add a background behind the view, like Nuclear Throne or The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb


THE VAST v1_1_4a.zip 4 MB
Jun 19, 2017


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